Data Driven

How Performance Analytics Delivers Extraordinary Sales Results

Across business functions, competitive edge is being replaced by competitive efficiency. There are few, if any, unexploited market openings. Instead, winning businesses gain their advantage by taking smarter actions and predicting.


Big data and analytics are the keys here, but so far almost no one is optimally leveraging these tools.

We pick up crumbs of insight here and there and timorously try a few things out, but we mostly stick to the safety of our gut reactions. What we’ve been lacking is an all-encompassing approach to data analytics.

Data Driven: How Performance Analytics Delivers Extraordinary Sales Results is the first book to show exactly how and why data is the very future of every functional area of your organization. The story of data is the story of business change, and if you are not up to speed with this story, it’s getting late. This book is a wake-up call of sorts for all of us – including you, your team and your colleagues – who need to both recognize big data within the context of our organizations and know what to do with it going forward. And when we can do that, the breakthrough results will follow.


A Data-Driven Revolution.

Author Jenny Dearborn’s vast and deep experience, along with over 100 interviews with top global sales leaders, formed the foundation for Data Driven, which presents the fictional story of Pam Sharp.


Meet Pam Sharp.

Pam is the new Chief Sales Officer at Trajectory Systems and readers will undoubtedly see themselves in her effort to turn a flagging sales department into a driver of sustainable growth. Instead of taking a “buffet” approach, Pam generates organizational buy-in and builds data right into the structure of the company in a way that any enterprise-level sales leader can replicate.


In each chapter of Data Driven, Dearborn summarizes and provides insightful commentary on Pam’s story, distilling the crucial lessons into clear, actionable how-to steps. The book culminates with the Prescriptive Action Model (PAM) —a four-step process-changing approach that can radically and positively transform the way we view, use and relate to data going forward.

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