The Data Driven Leader

A Powerful Approach to Delivering Measurable Business Impact Through People Analytics

The workplace is rapidly changing. Game-changing forces, including automation, robotics and artificial intelligence, are revolutionizing the competitive landscape.


No longer can leaders rely on gut reactions. Instead, winning companies gain their advantage by taking smarter actions and predictive power, applying data-driven strategies to all business functions.


Human resources departments and business leaders cannot afford to overlook the power and competitive advantages of data-driven decision-making and strategies. CEOs are embracing the growing trend of choosing analytics-minded business leaders. These leaders use data analytics to strengthen their teams and boost productivity, leading to breakthrough results.

The Data Driven Leader: A Powerful Approach to Delivering Measurable Business Impact Through People Analytics is a clear, accessible guide for future-focused leaders, providing insight on solving important leadership challenges through human resources-focused and other data analytics. This engaging book shows readers how to transform the HR function and overall organizational effectiveness by using data to make decisions grounded in facts vs. opinions, identify root causes behind their company’s thorniest problems and move toward a winning, future-focused business strategy.


A Data-Driven Revolution.

Author Jenny Dearborn’s vast experience, along with over 100 interviews with top global sales leaders, formed the foundation for Data Driven and The Data Driven Leader, which presents the fictional story of Pam Sharp.


New challenges.

After Pam’s successful analytics-driven turnaround as Chief Sales Officer in Data Driven, Pam is promoted to Chief Human Resources Officer. Readers will undoubtedly see themselves in Pam as she faces new challenges in her new role. Pam discovers the power of people analytics, applying the methods she used to lead her sales turnaround—identifying hiring and training strengths and weaknesses as well as helping transform a struggling sales team into an engaged and productive powerhouse. Pam generates organizational buy-in and builds data right into the structure of the company in a way that any manager can replicate.


In each chapter of The Data Driven Leader, Dearborn summarizes and provides insightful commentary on Pam’s story, distilling the crucial lessons into clear, actionable how-to steps and providing resources for both leaders developing their existing analytic capabilities and those starting their data-driven journey.

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