“One of the key questions for the future is the impact of artificial intelligence on human work. Here’s a great contribution to that debate. Jenny Dearborn and David Swanson, through engaging examples and in-depth analyses, show how data analytics can properly empower the workforce for the future.”

Chris Anderson, head of TED


The Data Driven Leader is an essential guide for leaders who want to navigate complexity with brilliance and win in the new game of work. This insight-packed book will show you how to ask the right questions, gather intelligence and enable your team to find the best answers.”

Liz Wiseman, New York Times bestselling author of Multipliers and Rookie Smarts, founder, The Wiseman Group


“One of the most profound changes in business today is the vast amount of people-related data we have to analyze. This book will help HR and line managers understand their opportunity to apply analytics to many of the people decisions we make every day.”

 Josh Bersin, industry analyst, principal and founder, Bersin by Deloitte


“The Data Driven Leader offers an engaging parable that brings to life the value of analytically-based people decisions, and helpful guidance for leaders to enhance those decisions.”

Dr. John W. Bourdreu, professor and research director, Center for Effective Organizations and Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California


“I love the story-telling approach to analytical lessons that Jenny and David offer. Their knowledge of (and commitment to) people, systems and data converge here in a must-read book for anyone interested in the future of HR and Leadership. Even the non-numbers oriented, like me.”

Bill John, president & CEO, Odyssey Teams, Inc.



“Some might find it hard to believe I’m endorsing a book on performance analytics when I have trouble balancing my own checkbook. At its core, though, Data Driven is about people and the importance of collaboration—which I do know something about. This enjoyable read by Jenny Dearborn combines a relatable story about a struggling sales force with real-life, cutting edge concepts that will teach you and your team all about data analytics and how to apply them. Read this book and learn from an expert how to transform the sales process in your organization and get powerful results.”

Ken Blanchard,  Coauthor of The One Minute Manager® and Leading at a Higher Level


“Jenny Dearborn has written a must-read for leaders at every level of growth-hungry businesses. Data Driven is a blueprint for building winning strategies, successful sales teams and sustainable customer relationships.”

Bill McDermott, CEO, SAP


“If you want to take the sales function of your company to the next level, you’ve got to read Data Driven! Through an engaging fictional story and insightful commentary, Jenny Dearborn makes the complex subject of data analytics interesting, accessible, and practical.”

Chuck Battipede, Senior Vice President, Learning & Development, Hewlett-Packard Co


“If you’re in a sales leadership and/or sales operations role in a B2B organization, you need to read this book yesterday. By writing about a fictional set of characters (whose roles include Chief Sales Officer, VP of North American Sales, Head of Sales Enablement and Training, Director of Marketing, Director of Sales Operations, etc.) struggling to turn around revenues in a global company, Dearborn shows how you can transform a business to become predictive and agile, and how leaders can leverage data to “skate where the puck is.” If you want to create a solid foundation for your company to achieve consistent, repeatable sales success, you should put this at the top of your reading list.”

LG, Amazon.com


“Too often, the only data sales leaders have is backwards-looking, seen through the rear view mirror; but now with the ideas and models in Data Driven, you can use data to look through the windshield, to see where you’re going.”

Randy Seidl, CEO, Revenue Acceleration, LLC


“Jenny Dearborn’s Prescriptive Action Model wrestles sales strategy from the grips of hindsight-driven thinking and offers a refreshing approach to real sales growth using data-driven foresight.”

Charles L. Fred, Group President, Xerox and author of Breakaway


“Data Driven paves the way to leverage fact-based metrics to achieve extraordinary sales efficiency not seen before. In the short run, Jenny provides a source of competitive advantage, and in the long run, everyone will have this.”

Dave Dyer, Head of Worldwide Sales, Birst


“This is a great read for all sales managers who realize that we need to consciously use data to drive our business, instead of allowing our hunches to drive us out of business. Jenny uses colorful, fictional characters that engage in a constructive mind-set shift, which leads them to integrate all sales functions into a comprehensive data driven system. A fun and fast read for Millennials and a career survival handbook for anyone over 35.”

Gerhard Gschwandtner, Founder and Publisher, Selling Power


“Jenny Dearborn knows more than anybody about learning, analytics and sales organizations. If your future involves any of these, read this book!”

Brandon Hall, PhD, Founder, Brandon Hall Group


“While Data Driven is a ‘must follow’ for any organization struggling with sales effectiveness, the roadmap and lessons included are relevant for any business transformation that requires accelerating team performance through laser-focus on the game-changing actions derived from multi-dimensional analytics.  Undertaking this kind of transformation is not for the feint of heart – it requires the organizational courage to peel back the onion and challenge commonly held perceptions about how to win in the marketplace.”

Angela Cinefro, Chief Human Resources Officer, Clarity Solution Group


“Jenny’s writing style provides a way to demonstrate her creative thinking in stories with a fact-based approach to problem solving. Practical and profound at the same time!!”

Gary M. Budzinski, EVP, Global Infrastructure Services, SCS


“As Jenny says in the book – big data isn’t just big, it’s huge. Regardless of your role, if you aspire to succeed in a strategic and predictable manner, you must embrace the power of analytics. This book focuses on sales, but it’s applicable to just about any part of the organization. And, it’s written so well that you don’t have to be a numbers geek to understand the potential of data analytics. Once I started reading it, I couldn’t stop – it’s that good.”

Tony Bingham, President & CEO, Association for Talent Development (ATD)


“After you read Data Driven, you will understand why predictive analytics is such a powerful tool, so much so that I predict that Data Driven will revolutionize the way enterprise-level corporations do sales. Companies that adopt the holistic, data-driven approach outlined in these pages will gain a vital competitive advantage, and who couldn’t use that?”

Kevin Oakes, President & CEO, Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4CP)


“Sales must be data and decision driven – using Big Data and Personalization to drive performance. Jenny Dearborn has written a fresh, engaging and operational book, making analytics come alive in the “Sales must be data and decision driven – using Big Data and Personalization to drive performance. Jenny Dearborn has written a fresh, engaging and operational book, making analytics come alive in the sales process.”

Elliott Masie, Chair, The Learning CONSORTIUM  and Author, Big Learning Data


“What’s the problem? We ask our sales people what training they want and give it to them. We get 4.5 out of 5 on our evals. Are you saying there’s more we can do? Jenny Dearborn is promising exactly that. Through stories and examples, she writes about the power of data to boost sales results.”

Allison Rossett, Professor Emerita, Educational Technology, San Diego State University


“If you want to take your sales organization to the next level, you’ve got to read Data Driven! Through an engaging fictional story and insightful commentary, Jenny Dearborn makes the complex subject of data analytics simple and impactful. I’ve witnessed Jenny’s impact to organizations and she is pragmatic while pushing the envelope on how to use data in innovative and compelling ways.”

Daniel Sonsino, Vice President, Talent Management, Polycom


“How will I transform my sales team to maximize the changing markets potential? This is a question we as Sales Leaders are constantly thinking of and forever looking to solve. I found the answer in this book that has proven to be a real game changer for not only me but also for my sales teams organisation. Data Driven, by Jenny Dearborn, is a must read book I highly recommend that will ensure you understand predictive analytics and why this powerful tool will revolutionise your sales teams regardless of the organisation’s size.”

Jae Bogadi, Senior Business Development Leader, Australia & New Zealand


“Jenny Dearborn starts with a most accurate premise; today’s competitive edge is derived through efficient execution by the organization. She then takes the reader through a completely relevant journey that demonstrates the power of data analytics to transform an organization. This book was fun to read but more importantly it provides value to today’s executives.”

James Reinstein, President & CEO, Aptus Endosystems


“Knowledge isn’t power, data is! It’s not what you know it’s the data you can access and how you can make sense of it In Data Driven, Jenny Dearborn explains how to do just that to “Knowledge isn’t power, data is! It’s not what you know it’s the data you can access and how you can make sense of it In Data Driven, Jenny Dearborn explains how to do just that to empower your sales teams.”

Jacob Morgan, Author, The Future of Work, Speaker, Futurist


“Data Driven uses story to teach about the practical application of data analytics. Dearborn complements the story with clear, instructive commentary about the principles behind the applications. The story is about sales, but using data to transform can be used in any corporate function.”

Marcy Alstott, Vice President, Operations, Grabit, Inc


“For once, a book about analytics that’s easy to read! Jenny’s ability to write about data analytics in the context of real world situations sets this book apart from others. Not only did I recognize many of the business situations featured in the book, I found it easy to take what I learned and apply it to how I think about my own department.”

Mandie Arellano, Vice President, HR Communications, Hewlett-Packard


“If you are a strategic thinker that believes in the power of making data-driven decisions, you will gain valuable insight from this book. Jenny provides you the keys to dramatically improve sales efficiency and effectiveness for your organization.”

Brian Clendenin, Award-winning senior enterprise account executive


“For business leaders seeking big data solutions to generate sales growth, Dearborn’s book is a beacon of clarity amidst a din of marketing hype.  She illustrates how to improve performance in practical terms through an accessible narrative, practical tips and her Prescriptive Action Model. Readers will benefit enormously from her battle-tested experience improving sales performance within some of the world’s top companies.”

Sam Herring, CEO and Co-Founder, Intrepid Learning


“Data Driven is a practical approach for making better decisions about people. And Jenny’s explanation of the model is engaging – an unexpected quality in business reading.”

Liesa Taylor, HR & Organization Development Consultant, Taylor Advisory Group


“It is rare to find an informative, forward looking book that is enjoyable to read and easy to absorb. I have worked with Jenny for several years. It is exciting to finally see her gift of sales, sales process, and training in print. She is truly talented and it is reflected in this book! A must-read for any sales executive.”

Rich Selsted, COO, Oryn Therapeutics