Invest in Your Professional Development This Summer

Invest in Your Professional Development This Summer Five excuses for passing up training opportunities – refuted. By Hannah Morgan For many, summer means reduced work hours or a slower pace, making these months an ideal time to invest in your professional development.

This Does Not Compute: The Human Skills Robots Can’t Replace And How To Develop Them

Futurists predict we’re facing workplace changes as large as those of the Industrial Revolution, with  rampant automation expected. But some skills aren’t good candidates for automation. What will help you—and those you’re tasked with developing—survive? I’m as big a Hollywood

Redefining Workplace Learning For The 21st Century

Disruptive technologies and shifting demographics are redefining the workforce. In response, smart companies are reinventing workplace learning in an effort to make their programs more relevant and effective, and to create a culture that encourages continuous learning and develops innovative leaders