The Data Driven Leader: A Powerful Approach to Delivering Measurable Business Impact Through People Analytics

Jenny Dearborn’s The Data Driven Leader is a clear, accessible guide for future-focused leaders, providing insight on solving important leadership challenges through human resources-focused and other data analytics. This engaging book shows readers how to transform the HR function and overall organizational effectiveness by using data to make decisions grounded in facts vs. opinions, identify root causes behind their company’s thorniest problems and move toward a winning, future-focused business strategy.




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Data Driven Leader: The Book

“Big data” isn’t just big, it’s huge. Learn more about the book that is shining new light on a data-driven revolution.

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Data Driven Leader: The Author

Learn more about Jenny, the driving force behind this groundbreaking approach to how we view and use data.

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Jenny Dearborn in the News

Read about how Jenny Dearborn is revolutionizing leadership, harnessing the massive power of data, and making room for women in tech.

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The author of Data Driven and The Data Driven Leader, Jenny Dearborn is the Chief Learning Officer and Senior Vice President at SAP. She is a leading authority on sales enablement and training, with expertise in big data and predictive analytics. Dearborn was recognized as one of the 50 Most Powerful Women in Technology in 2014, 2015, and 2016 by the National Diversity Council and through the Fortune Most Powerful Women Network. She is a mentor for the U.S. State Department to female entrepreneurs in developing countries. Her team was named by eLearning magazine as the #1 top performing corporate learning organization in the world.


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