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Housing Leadership Summit (May 14, 2019)
Dana Point, California

Jenny Dearborn will be leading a Concurrent Workshop on “The New Capital in People and Data” at this event.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is changing the nature of work as we know it. The home building industry is no exception. Emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, and the Internet of Things are transforming both the work and the way it is done. Naturally, you want your workforce to learn and grow and change with you through this transformation and beyond. What talent strategies do you need to transition from what you have today to what you need for the future and give your company the best shot at surviving this ongoing disruption? Explore the disruptors shaping the future of work, its implications for your workforce, and the skills you need to be successful, including:

  • The six forces shaping the future of work
  • The employees of today, and their challenges in prioritizing how they prepare for the future
  • Why continuous learning is so critical – for both you and your company
  • The forces impacting the home building industry today and those most likely in the future
  • The employees of today and in the future, and their challenges in the home building industry
  • How you can prepare for the Future of Work in the home building industry

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